Easily share surveys and share results with flexibility using Google Drive:

Surveys Shared with Whole Team

Anyone on the team can create a survey and get feedback where everyone is able to see everyone’s feedback.

Surveys with each Team Member

Alternatively, create surveys separately for each team member and share results between you (survey creator) and a team member.

Your Cloud Services, Your Data

Kaizen Surveys works with your existing Google Drive account.

Take advantage of existing user groups if your organization uses Google Apps for Work.

Example Surveys at Work

Kaizen Surveys is meant as a flexible, cloud-based, survey tool ideally suited for enhancing collaboration with those you have a relationship over time (such as business colleagues). If you already use Google Drive at work or Google Apps, Kaizen Surveys is a great fit.

The power of Kaizen Surveys is so you can create custom solutions that fit for you. However, here are some suggested survey ideas and survey solutions which our hypothetical manager Emile uses.

All-In-One Application

Kaizen Surveys is an all-in-one app allowing you to create surveys, fill-out surveys, and view the results.

Create Surveys

  • Directly in the app.
  • Importing from the markdown (text-based) format.

View Results

  • Results in table view, map view, bar, pie and line charts.
  • Filter results by choosing date range, or results with particular attributes (by clicking on pie or bar chart segments).
  • Export results to Google Spreadsheets.

Mobile and Desktop Ready

Kaizen Surveys is Available for iOS and Android and Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Running Kaizen Surveys on multiple devices allows you to choose the best device for the task at hand

For example:

  • Readily fill out surveys on your phone (inluding photos and location).
  • Create surveys and view and filter results of the larger screen sizes of a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Running

Export and Publish

Publishing Surveys

Publishing a survey provides an easy way to share with others using Google Drive.

1) Create your survey (Either in the app or by markdown import):

This step is recommended first. Create your survey and ONCE you are satisfied with, THEN share it with others.

2) Create a share (Either in the app or in Google Drive).

Note that this step is only required ONCE per group you are sharing with. A share can be re-used for multiple surveys.

3) Create a NEW survey and base it on the survey. The New Survey Wizard guides you through a series of screens. On the publish screen you can choose from various publishing options. You will provide a Publish ID and password.

Once published, you can simply provide the Publish ID/Password to anyone and (if they have appropriate permissions on Google Drive) will be able to get the published surveys and use them.

Exporting survey results

Export provides an way to upload survey results from one survey to multiple cloud services/formats:

A typical use case is wanting to periodically export survey results from a team survey to a Google Spreadsheet.

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