Kaizen Surveys should not be considered a typical online web survey tool and is best suited for use by an individual or a group of people who have some sort of relationship over time (family, friends, business team, mentor/mentee, coach/coachee, ...). The following table highlights some of the features of Kaizen Surveys to see if it is a fit for you: |Feature | Kaizen Surveys | Other Web Survey Tools | |----------|:--------:|---------:| |Data Storage|LogoData stored (optionally) on a cloud service provider.|Data stored on survey provider servers which may require a paid account to access.| |All in One Application|Logo Create and Edit surveys, fill-out surveys, and analyze results all in one application.|Typically a 'survey administrator' will use different tools to create and view survey results while the end user simply has access to the survey itself.| |Repeated Use|Logo Kaizen Surveys is optimal for users filling out a survey repeatedly over time. *For example, some question types will result in the question choices growing over time as people fill out the survey.*|Not designed for repeatedly filling out.| |Fees|Logo No monthly subscription fees. Some advanced features* do require a low annual fee.|Monthly fee generally required (particularly for off-line mobile use.)| |App Install|Logo Kaizen Surveys requires the installation of the app (mobile or desktop) to use.|End users can generally fill-out the survey without installing an app.| *Check out Subscriptions for more information about advanced features and applicable fees.