Offline Mobile Data Collection

Use Kaizen Surveys as a Mobile Data Collection tool.

Kaizen Surveys can be run on phones, tablets, chromebooks, laptops and desktops and does not require online access.

Survey results can be synced with the cloud (Google Drive including Google Spreadsheets) once online accces is available.

Kaizen Surveys simplifies mobile data collection by storing survey results on Google Drive.

Leverage the power of an industry leading cloud storage provider. You take control how your data is shared and how long you retain it on your Google Account.

Data Collection Scenario

Here is a sample scenario for using Kaizen Surveys for data collection. In this scenario we have an administrator and multiple people who are ‘data collectors’ (using phones/tablets/chromebooks/laptops).

1) Administrator creates a share with access given for all who will be data collectors.

A share is simply a folder on a cloud service (in this case Google Drive) which is shared with others.

(Note that access to additional data collectors can be done at anytime through Google Drive. You can also use existing groups if your organization uses Google Apps.)

2) Administrator creates a survey which uses the share created above.

On the final screen of the create new survey wizard, the adminstrator may want to select Upload Only for Users if desired.

3) Administrator may optionally publish the survey so data collectors can easily get the survey.

4) Administrator may optionally export this survey to Google Spreadsheets.

Periodically, the adminstrator can sync updates for the survey and then export those changes to the Google Spreadsheet.

Export and Publish

Explore other relevant features of using Kaizen Surveys as a data collection tool:

  • View results with pie and and charts, line charts, tables, maps, and the ability to filter results. Results can also be viewed as a google spreadsheet.
  • The benefits of using a trusted industry leader cloud storage provider for survey results (Google Drive).
  • Leverage existing groups for survey access if your organization already uses Google Apps for Work or Education.

Download Kaizen Surveys here.