Example Surveys at Home

Kaizen Surveys is meant as a flexible, cloud-based, survey tool.

The power of Kaizen Surveys is so you can create custom solutions that fit for you.

However are some survey solutions that family man Jason uses:

All-In-One Application

Kaizen Surveys is an all-in-one app allowing you to create surveys, fill-out surveys, and view the results.

Create Surveys

  • Directly in the app.
  • Importing from the markdown (text-based) format.

View Results

  • Results in table view, map view, bar, pie and line charts.
  • Filter results by choosing date range, or results with particular attributes (by clicking on pie or bar chart segments).
  • Export results to Google Spreadsheets.

Mobile and Desktop Ready

Kaizen Surveys is Available for iOS and Android and Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Running Kaizen Surveys on multiple devices allows you to choose the best device for the task at hand

For example:

  • Readily fill out surveys on your phone (inluding photos and location).
  • Create surveys and view and filter results of the larger screen sizes of a tablet, laptop, or desktop. Running

Cloud Sync

Kaizen Surveys piggybacks on the existing indusry leading cloud storage services you already use to backup, share, and access from multiple devices.

By using Google Drive you are able to easily:

  • Use Kaizen Surveys on multiple devices (Phones, Tablets, and Computers).
  • Create surveys you share with family or friends.

Your Cloud Services, Your Data

In all cases, security (access) is determined by the Cloud Service settings (not Kaizen Surveys) and is available on those services until you choose to remove them.

Available from fine App Stores Everywhere!

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Google Play
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